For Existing Roads or Rehabilitation of Roads
  • Scarify Existing Asphalt
  • Remove scarified asphalt and dispose remotely
  • Transport in gravel and other base surfaces + new asphalt
  • Wasteful dump of valuable material resources
  • Wasted energy and cost on transportation

Full Depth rehabilitation (in place recycling), is the most cost effective method available today for the rehabilitation of existing paved roads.

Our Technology for road rehabilitation is based on using RAT-2 with existing asphalt and gravel/base material to create strong bases and sub bases with better longevity and moisture resistance.

  • Remove Existing Asphalt and some of the base material.
  • Grind all materials together.
  • Mix in RAT-1.
  • Relay material and compact.
  • Add a thin new asphalt layer on top.
  • Nothing to haul away or import – quick and efficient.

Advantages of Road Armour Technology - 2
  • No requirement to Scarify Existing Asphalt
  • No WMM required
  • No Granular sub Base (GSB required)
  • Potential reduction of pavement thickness with proper design
  • Elimination of excavation, material hauling and handling and base importation
  • Improved compaction
  • Selected aggregates are not necessary any longer
  • Thin wearing surface have greater longevity over RAT soil, and no primers are needed.


Road Construction

nfrastructure is a huge growth area for our country; this growing market poses a tremendous opportunity for a company.

Earth Work

We also undertake earthwork, for this contractual job we have employed a team of efficient professionals.

Road Armour Technology

RAT is a bio-enzyme soil stabilizer, it is natural, non-toxic liquid, formulated by using vegetable.
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Technology used by Empress Infra is incredible, it helps to reduce the size of the work while maintaining the quality