For Fresh and New Roads
  • The RAT-1 product enables utilization of local soil
  • Adding RAT-1 transforms the soil to road base raw material
  • Large savings in costs, time and materials are realized
  • RAT – 1 is ecologic and environment friendly
  • No specialized machinery
  • No Special construction procedure
  • RAT – 1 its pure form is a highly concentrated liquid that is diluted with water according to the optimum moisture of each given soil.

RAT -1 acts upon organic fines contained in the soil through a catalytic bonding process, which cause the soil to bond during compaction into a dense permanent base which increase water resistance, penetration, weathering and wear.

Advantages of Road Armour Technology - 1
  • Incredible improvement of CBR.
  • Increased load-bearing capacity- Shorter Project completing time.
  • Reduction in plasticity.
  • Lower permeability.
  • Ability to lower the plasticity index in some high PI soils.
  • Works with all soil types.
  • RAT allows the elimination of the sub grade layer on conventional designs.


Road Construction

nfrastructure is a huge growth area for our country; this growing market poses a tremendous opportunity for a company.

Earth Work

We also undertake earthwork, for this contractual job we have employed a team of efficient professionals.

Road Armour Technology

RAT is a bio-enzyme soil stabilizer, it is natural, non-toxic liquid, formulated by using vegetable.
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